DC trip

Estos dias estoy por Los Estados Unidos visitando a la familia de mi novio, por la cercania hemos aprovechado la oportunidad de pasar por los lugares emblematicos de la Capital, El Congreso, La Casa Blanca, El Obelisco y el Lincoln Memorial. Me toc├│ hacerlo a mi sola porque mi novio estaba trabajando. Son cosas muy bonitas para ver que reflejan el espiritu Americano. 

These days I am by the United States visiting my boyfriend’s family, the closeness we have taken the opportunity to go through the emblematic places of the capital, Congress, The White House,  The Obelisk and The Lincoln Memorial. I had to do it my own because my boyfriend was working. They are very nice to see things that reflect the American spirit. 
Estoy usando/I am wearing : All ZARA . Shoes ADIDAS. Sunglases POLICE -vintages- 

PD: Alguien hizo un foto boom en una de mis fotos, es el precio que hay que pagar en un lugar turistico. Somebody did it a photoboom in one of my pictures LOL it is the price to pay for a tourism place

Elizabeth Arden 8 hours beauty cream review

After sun 8 hrs
After sun 8 hrs by brunella10 featuring Elizabeth Arden

Sometimes we feel like our skin is becoming gray and thick, we can not find a product to make it be glowing and soft again. Well, instead, this cream is a little sticky and it could be uncomfortable for some people, but trust me when I said this beauty cream it is miraculous.

At the beginning this cream was created as sunburn treatment, but with the year it use going diversified until become the  that we know.
I used to used as aftersun and sometimes as eyecream at night.
Let me know what you think!