Elizabeth Arden 8 hours beauty cream review

After sun 8 hrs
After sun 8 hrs by brunella10 featuring Elizabeth Arden

Sometimes we feel like our skin is becoming gray and thick, we can not find a product to make it be glowing and soft again. Well, instead, this cream is a little sticky and it could be uncomfortable for some people, but trust me when I said this beauty cream it is miraculous.

At the beginning this cream was created as sunburn treatment, but with the year it use going diversified until become the  that we know.
I used to used as aftersun and sometimes as eyecream at night.
Let me know what you think!

Summer Lipstick

Summer Lipstick

Este verano los labios se tiñen de colores pop, los rosas brillantes, tonos corales y atrevidos naranjas son basicos para completar el look veraniego, da igual si es de dia o de noche.
Lo mejor de estos colores es que ayudan a resaltar el tono bronceado de la piel y ayudan a mejorar la apariencia de la piel si aun no has podido tomar un poco de sol.
Recuerda siempre que menos es mas, si optas por un tono fuerte en los labios olvidate de poner mucho mas color en el resto del rostro, un delineado con mucho rimmel y un poco de blush seran suficiente para verte genial!

This Summer, the lips wear pop colors! Bright pinks, Coral tones and naughty orange are basic to complete a gorgeous summer look, no matter if is morning or night.
This colors are good because they help us to highlight the tan of our skin, and If you haven’t had time to go to the beach, not problem, this color improve dull skin.
But remember… less is always more. If you pick someone of this color for your make up, try to dont use more than rimmel and natural color on your blush.